Bone projection necklace - Bijoun
Bone projection necklace - Bijoun
Bone projection necklace - Bijoun
Bone projection necklace
Bone projection necklace - Bijoun
Bone projection necklace - Bijoun
Bone projection necklace - Bijoun
Bone projection necklace - Bijoun

Bone projection necklace

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Text engraving
  • Personalize with your photo 🙀
  • Every piece is unique & made to order
  • Memorable gift for any occasion 🎁



Discover our Pet Memorial Projection Necklace - a cherished pet lover's gift and a heartfelt memorial necklace. Personalize this beautiful necklace with your beloved pet's photo, transforming it into a unique and touching projection pendant. It's a touching token of love that makes for an ideal gift for fellow pet enthusiasts, offering solace and a beautiful way to keep the memory of a cherished companion alive. Wear it proudly and carry your pet's spirit with you, a symbol of love that remains close to your heart.
Heart pendant 0.8 in / 20mm
Adjustable chain 17.7-19.6 in / 45-50cm

 How to choose an image for personalization? 🧐

Here are some tips and tricks for silhouette engraving and projection photo products.

For projection products, almost any image can be used. We can use a photo you took yesterday with your phone, or a photo scanned from your grandma's family album. However, keep in mind that the image will be rounded, and all four corners will be cropped.

For products with silhouette engraving, we can use almost any image, but we have some tips on picking the most suitable image.

✅ Choose an image with the best lighting but avoid overexposed images and images taken with a flash.

✅ Choose an image where you can see the persons face clearly, without any obstructions.

✅ If you want two characters to be engraved, choose an image where you are close to each other and have physical contact. For example, if you would like an engraving of both you and your partner together, you may use an image where you have an arm around your partner or an image of the both of you embracing.

You can also include personalized text that will be engraved on the back.

These projection and silhouette engraved keychains are the perfect personalized gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions.

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