Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun
Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun
Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun
Pet Photo Heart Keychain
Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun
Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun
Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun
Pet Photo Heart Keychain - Bijoun

Pet Photo Heart Keychain

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Text engraving
  • Personalized with your photo
  • Photo based detailed engraving
  • Every piece is unique & made to order

 How to choose an image for personalization? 🧐

Here are some tip for silhouette engraving  products.

We can use almost any image, but we have some tips on picking the most suitable image.

✅ Choose an image with the best lighting but avoid overexposed images and images taken with a flash.

✅ Choose an image where you can see the persons face clearly, without any obstructions.

✅ If you want two characters to be engraved, choose an image where you are close to each other and have physical contact. For example, if you would like an engraving of both you and your partner together, you may use an image where you have an arm around your partner or an image of the both of you embracing.

You can also include personalized text that will be engraved on the back.

Silhouette engraved keychains are the perfect personalized gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions.

Gamybos + pristatymo laikas  📬

Gamyba trunka 5-7 darbo dienas

Pristatymas trunka 5-8 darbo dienas

Gamyba ir pristatymas trunka 2-3 savaites

Numatomas pristatymo laikas*

Lietuva 10-14 darbo dienų 
Kanada 12-15 darbo dienų
JK 10-14 darbo dienų
Australija 14-18 darbo dienų
Europa 14-18 darbo dienų

*Atkreipkite dėmesį, kad tai yra numatomas pristatymo laikas, kuris gali skirtis priklausomai nuo aplinkybių. Mes nuoširdžiai darome viską, kad Jūsų užsakymas būtų pristatytas kuo greičiau.


Prekei neatitikus Jūsų lūkesčių, turėsite 14 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija nuo prekės gavimo. Dėl daugiau informacijos susisiekite

We're sure you'll adore our Bijoun personalized jewelry just as much as we do! However, if things don't align with your expectations, our return and refund procedure is tailored to ensure a smooth experience for you. Discover more about our supportive approach by clicking here.



Discover our Pet Photo Keychain - the ideal pet lover's gift and a heartfelt memorial keychain. Personalize this keychain with your cherished pet's photo, creating a special keepsake that you can carry with you everywhere. This keychain is a touching way to honor your furry friend's memory and celebrate the love you shared. It's not just a keychain; it's a token of your enduring bond with your pet. Keep your pet close to heart with this Pet Photo Keychain, a beautiful reminder that will always be with you.
Heart pendant 0.9x0.9 in/ 2.5x2.5 cm
Whole keychain 2.2 in/ 5.5 cm